Best Omnichannel Application Recommendations For Business

Often overwhelmed managing many online store accounts in the marketplace? Relax, there are Best Omnichannel Application that will make it easier to manage your online store in the marketplace.

So, you don’t need to worry about the difference in the number of items in stock. At each online store or missing chats from customers.

An application that integrates all online stores in numerous marketplaces. As well as open channels for communication and sales on various platforms, is known as an omnichannel app.

There are many choices of omnichannel applications to choose from according to your business needs and long term plans, here are some recommendations.

What is Omnichannel Application?

Before choosing the right omnichannel app recommendation for your business, first get to know what omnichannel is. This application is an integrated business system that involves a number of sales channels.

Through omnichannel, customers get access to products, offers and supporting services from businesses across all platforms, channels and devices.

Instead of using website support tools like email, phone, live chat, Facebook Messenger, and others, an omnichannel platform is regarded to be preferable.

The usage of omnichannel will be advantageous for business actors. Particularly if they wish to increase the reach of their marketing campaigns.

Businesses that operate multiple online store accounts on the market can manage their accounts more effectively by using the omnichannel application.

This application automatically manages the process of managing product inventory, sales transactions, and product marketing.

Because omnichannel has taken over, you no longer need to worry manually maintaining product stock levels at each online store.

Best Omnichannel Application Recommendations

If you often manually edit product stock at online stores or reply to consumer chats using chat service applications in general. There’s nothing wrong with trying the omnichannel application recommendations.

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This application not only makes it easier to manage a number of online stores that you have in one integrated system. But also makes your business image more professional.

Here are a number of omnichannel recommendations. You can use to make it easier to manage your business in real-time.

1. Shopify

Shopify Logo Transparent

For online store owners, you must be familiar with Shopify. Shopify is one of the omnichannel applications with quite a lot of enthusiasts both in Indonesia and abroad.

The Shopify app not only offers advantages for your e-commerce homepage. But is also easy to install with fast download speeds.

Shopify as a pioneer of the global e-commerce revolution is the right choice if you want to optimize the SEO of your e-commerce business site.

This application always innovates by embedding the latest technology into business sites. The service is expert because it is run by a team of experts with years of e-commerce experience.

2. Magento

Magento Logo Transparent

Magento is currently the most popular e-commerce platform which controls around 30% global market share.

This open source platform, which was formerly owned by eBay, later came into being. As a result of its rapid expansion, took the lead among e-commerce platforms.

Many business people consider Magento to be the most reliable platform in the e-commerce business.

One of the best features of this platform is its omnichannel e-commerce which makes it easy for its users to optimize customer experience across all channels.

With Magento’s omnichannel e-commerce feature, you can operate different domains and shops in a single interface.

3. SIRCLO Store

Sirclo Logo Transparent

One of the omnichannel applications made locally, SIRCLO Store makes it easy for anyone to open online stores on more than one platform through just one application.

If you currently have a WhatsApp Business account, a marketplace account, and an online store, you may manage all of these services simply through the SIRCLO Store application.

As an omnichannel application that aims to make it easier for business people to manage their business, SIRCLO Store offers three solutions namely marketplace, website and e-commerce chat.

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Through marketplace solutions, you can integrate your e-commerce business into the most popular marketplaces in Indonesia such as Tokopedia, Lazada and others.

Meanwhile, the website solutions offered by SIRCLO will speed up the process of creating user-friendly and mobile-friendly online stores.

You can even use this feature to market your products via Instagram Shopping and Facebook Pixel.

Not to forget, use the chat commerce feature from SIRCLO to market products on WhatsApp Business.

4. Mekari Qontak

Another omnichannel application made in Indonesia that offers superior quality is Mekari Qontak. As an omnichannel application based on CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Mekari Qontak will help the process of service and sales to consumers in a faster tempo.

Mekari Qontak offers five main services to users, namely omnichannel chat, CRM sales, customer service, chatbots and artificial intelligence automation, and finally the PBX cloud telephone service.

All of these services will optimize your business and make it easier for you to manage many online stores in one application.

5. NetSuite

NetSuite Logo Transparent

NetSuite’s omnichannel software offers easy access to reports, analyzes vital business data and provides performance indicators with ease. This omnichannel application has a number of excellent features such as:

  • Content Management
  • CRM NetSuite
  • Cloud Suite Commerce
  • Suite Commerce InStore

6. BigCommerce

Even though it has similarities with Shopify, BigCommerce offers its own advantages, namely data warehouses and unlimited bandwidth.

You can also make your online store even more special by using the gift card feature, online store builder tools and product reviews.

The user friendly interface and assurance of a secure shopping cart are just a few of BigCommerce’s main features.

7. Talkdesk

The Talkdesk omnichannel application is Best Omnichannel Application integrated with email, SMS, live chat, social messaging and other features.

When you use the Talkdesk application, the process of moving from one messaging platform to another becomes easier.

You can also respond to customers faster. Talkdesk also allows you to quickly access customer profile information so that customers get a more personalized response and experience.

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