Bitcoin Investment And Benefit That You Need To Know

For those of you who have never invested in crypto assets, of course Bitcoin Investment feels mysterious. Bitcoin is a crypto digital currency that emerged in January 2009.

The inventor of Bitcoin is Satoshi Nakamoto, but no one knows the real person of Nakamoto. As a digital currency, Bitcoin investment is used for digital transactions that are recorded in a digital ledger called a blockchain with a cryptographic system.

Logging in the blockchain ensures every transaction is secure and transparent. This is because, the blockchain record system is open source and decentralized.

So, everyone in the world can view transactions on the blockchain anywhere and anytime. Blockchain security also keeps transactions that occur unique.

This means, the advantages of investing in Bitcoin ensure that the Bitcoin you have cannot be imitated or counterfeited.

How Bitcoin Investment Works

It was mentioned above that Bitcoin transactions use the blockchain. Well, to more clearly understand the advantages of investing in Bitcoin, you must know how it works in more detail. If you transact Bitcoin via blockchain, the illustration is like this.

For example, you buy 0.0001 Bitcoin. Well, this purchase will be recorded in a block of transactions that are connected in a chain or chain. This transaction block indicates that the Bitcoin investment is registered in your name.

In addition to blockchain, you can also enjoy the benefits of investing in Bitcoin through other Bitcoin trading methods. Namely, Bitcoin mining. In this way, you can get Bitcoin without having to spend money. It’s just that the mining process or Bitcoin mining is not easy. Mining Bitcoin requires you or a miner to solve math problems.

The solution search process also requires complex and expensive equipment. Such as hardware and software with high specifications, high electrical voltage, and adequate internet speed for the mining process. This equipment you must have to make you the fastest among the miners around the world who are your competitors in Bitcoin investment.

You can also get free Bitcoins through trading competitions held by crypto exchange platforms, writing articles about crypto on crypto sites, winning online games with crypto prizes, and participating in a donation program that allows you to get more Bitcoin after donating Bitcoin. Yes, there are many ways to get Bitcoin for you to invest. Which way will you go?

Bitcoin Investment Benefits

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Bitcoin can be used as an international payment. With the option to get Bitcoin for free and the price of Bitcoin predicted to increase, Bitcoin’s popularity among investors is mushrooming. Not only that, millennials and Z generations are also starting to be interested in becoming Bitcoin investment novice investors.

If you are a potential novice investor, the following explanation of the advantages of investing in Bitcoin will further strengthen your plans. What are the advantages of investing in Bitcoin that you should not miss?

1. Bitcoin Price is Predicted to Increase

Of course the main thing that is of concern to the advantages of Bitcoin investment is that the price is very tempting. Just imagine that 1 piece of Bitcoin you can use to buy a vehicle.

What happens if you have lots of Bitcoins? Get ready you will become a crazy rich! As mentioned above, at the end of last year the price of Bitcoin broke up to Rp945 million. If you have the right Bitcoin investment strategy, it is not impossible that you can gain Bitcoin.

This positive Bitcoin price trend is inseparable from the positive market sentiment towards Bitcoin. The price of Bitcoin is indeed influenced by the attitude of public figures.

For example, in early March, the price of Bitcoin rose 9.1% after the president of the United States Joe Biden issued an executive order related to crypto regulation. Or Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s tweets on social media also often affect Bitcoin prices.

2. Used as a Payment Instrument

The advantage of investing in Bitcoin investment that you can consider to start trading Bitcoin is its function as a means of payment. Indeed, this function has not been implemented in Indonesia because the government has not recognized crypto assets as legal tender.

However, you can enjoy the benefits of investing in Bitcoin for online transactions with international merchants. For example, online shopping payments at Microsoft.

Well, if you are a fan of online shopping, why don’t you invest in Bitcoin to save on shopping transactions? One more thing, the advantages of investing in Bitcoin will also save online transaction fees. The reason is, Bitcoin transaction fees are still cheaper than digital payments with PayPal or credit cards.

3. High Bitcoin Liquidity

You should consider the liquidity of an asset. Haven’t decided to invest yet. What is asset liquidity? That is, the ability of assets to be liquidated into fiat currency. So that investors can enjoy the benefits of their investment assets at any time.

In cryptocurrency, Bitcoin investment is the most easily liquidated crypto asset. Some other crypto assets actually have low liquidity or even drop in selling value. Bitcoin liquidity is influenced by the large market demand for Bitcoin.

Yes, nothing is perfect in the world. Including investing. Bitcoin investment also has its risks and drawbacks. But, don’t make this an obstacle for you to invest, okay? You can only get profit if you dare to take risks and understand these risks by implementing the right strategy.

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