The Effect of Age Differences on Productivity in the Workplace

Reporting from TheOpinist, in this day and age, everyone from various age groups, can use their skills, energy and mind to work. Whether it’s working in a company, office, independent business and so on. However, it is undeniable that there is actually an effect of age differences on productivity in the world of work.

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Yes, the age diversity that occurs in the world of work can provide good benefits, but it can also cause problems for the entrepreneur. This depends on how the work system is implemented. If the businessman does not pay attention to the effect of the age difference of his workers, of course the business cannot run well.

Moreover, as we know, we currently live in a world that continues to evolve so there are a lot of changes over time. Throughout this year alone, many things have changed, ranging from work technology, skills needed and so on. This is one of the reasons for the effect of changing age.

In your opinion, what are the effects of age differences on productivity in the world of work? Well, we will review this question as follows. Let’s see.


Everyone has their own ideal time to start work. In Indonesia, the general working hours are from 8 or 9 in the morning until 5 or 6 in the afternoon. Some age groups have a stable routine with their work schedule. However, for other age groups, for example, today’s youth prefer flexible work.

This flexible working hours gives them the freedom to choose their own working hours, whether they want to start earlier or later to meet the working hours of the day. It is undeniable that each age group has a different productivity of time.

2. Working Environment

As we know, different age generations also have an effect on the work environment created. Why is that? Yes, each generation has a different way of living and experiences. Generally, older people may not think much about the standards of their workplace. The important thing is to get facilities to work.

However, for millennials it may be different. They may prefer workplace standards that are not only adequate but also pleasant. For example, it is equipped with a spacious pantry for snacks and drinks, a game room and so on. Unconsciously they are more interested in a workplace that has a pleasant appearance of facilities than the usual standard office.

3. Working Experience

When it comes to work experience, of course the older generation is superior. They already have more experience in the world of work and business, so this is also honing their skills so that they are better.

They are well acquainted with the work system, targets, competitors in their work. Even when a problem arises, they can usually find a solution quickly.

4. Flexibility

Well, from flexibility, the younger age group, it is easier to adapt to the new work environment or system in Effect of Age Differences on Productivity. For example, when we experienced the Covid 19 pandemic, the work system mostly switched from offline to online.

For the young age group, it may not be a problem, because they are already familiar with the use and development of existing technology.

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5. Emotional

Emotions are sometimes difficult to regulate or control. This is also the difference between those who are older and younger. Where generally the older generation will be better able to manage or control their emotions in the workplace compared to the younger generation who are more enthusiastic.

Why is that? One of the reasons is that the older generation has generally experienced various types of problems that occur in the workplace, so that from their experience it is what helps to control emotions. In contrast to the younger generation there are times when they cannot control their emotions because of the pressures at work. Some of them even experience stress.

6. Workplace Creativity

The younger generation has superior creativity because they can adapt to technology that continues to advance. The mindset of the younger generation tends to get the same results but can be done with a fast time. So they usually find more ideas or alternative ways to make work easier.

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