Types Of ROMS On Computer Devices

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Types Of ROMS On Computer Devices Everyone must be familiar with the word ROM in daily life, right? especially if you are a computer lover there is some important information. That all of you need to know about this part of the computer, because it will have an effect. Well, in this discussion, you will be invited to find out what types of ROMs are available on computer devices.

You need to know the meaning of ROM itself, which is one part of a computer component. The form of a memory chip, which functions to store information. In other words, this ROM itself has a permanent nature and will never change at any time, yes. This component of the computer itself stores various sets of firmware information, so do you know about this firmware?.

Types Of ROMS On Computer Devices

1. The First Type Of ROM, MROM (Mask Read Only Memory)

Now in the first type is called MROM in Mask Read Only Memory using a cable and contains and collection of data information and type of MROM itself does not have a price. That is too expensive when you compare it to other types of ROM because it is the first generation. MROM itself is usually used to maintain intellectual property using a certain process, which is called photolithgraphy.

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Now, this is an intellectual property safeguard that will make it easier for users to maintain data from a crime. This MROP user is based on the initial assembly which will insert the mask into the chip as program storage. But if you want to include several masks then you must be able to provide some other chips that can be planted.

2. Type Of PROM (Programmable Read Only Memory)

Because this makes ROMs of the MROM type rarely used by users. Because they are constrained by the cost of production. This MROM and disadvantage that it cannot be updated because the storage system is only on one data.

That has been embedded even though it has shortcomings, it still has many users, yes, because its functions can still be felt but must have a lot of considerations.

A data will be read immediately in the process of reviving the existing power on the device. In this type of ROM has a small chip that has a function in running the program interests of a storage process. Programs that have been embedded in the chip will not be able to be deleted or lost because of their permanent nature.

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3. Electrically Erasable And Programmable Read-Only Memory (EEPROM)

In the third type is EEPROM which is one of the memory to store data from users in certain needs on the computer. You need to know that the EEPROM itself is a derivative of the PROM type which was the previous memory. The use of this memory itself is very easy to operate because the program is simpler and can use the delete command electrically.

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The use of EERPOM is very simple for you to use on a single computer, because the stored data can be read quickly. This is very much in accordance with the function of ROM, namely as storage hardware for data. The data in this storage has a function as a firmware storage so that it can be read by a computer with the code.

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4. ROM Flash Memory

For the latter type, flash memory ROM is a hardware device, it can be added to a computer device, yes. Flash memory room itself has a function to move data and store data that has been created by the user. You need to know that the data in this type of ROM itself will be safe even if it is not connected to the energy source.

That’s some interesting information about ROM types that will help you all understand how they are. It turns out that this ROM itself has various types, we rarely know clearly. Moreover, each ROM has a different function and form so it will help increase our knowledge later.

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