10 Trending Home Online Business Ideas in 2023

10 Trending Home Online Business marketing is one of the promising strategies for developing a home-based online business idea.

Therefore, online platforms such as social media are now popular because they have proven to generate passive income.

Due to this phenomenon, many people are now looking for trendy home-based business ideas to earn additional income.

10 examples of online home business ideas that will be trending in 2023:

Starting a business is often similar to having an offline store. But, who would have thought that this connotation can be debunked with the emergence of various types of home-based businesses.

A home-based business means business activities that are conducted in the entrepreneur’s personal home, without renting a place or other properties.

So, in this article, we present some types of online home-based business ideas that will be trending in 2023 along with their reviews.

1. Ide Bisnis Online Rumahan – Basic Grocery Store

The first home business idea is to open a grocery store. It cannot be denied that household needs such as oil, eggs, soap, and others are always sought by the public.

Therefore, the target market for this home 10 Trending Home Online Business idea is quite wide. If you want to build a basic grocery store, it is important to apply the right marketing strategy so that you can stand out from your competitors.

One marketing tactic that you can try is to make an online store, find your Unique Selling Point (USP) and regularly offer special offers to attract customers.

2. Frozen Food Agent

The fast-paced life of society has an impact on the high interest in instant food. This opportunity can be utilized as an idea for a home-based frozen food business.

For example, currently Indonesian and Korean frozen food types have a high sales opportunity, do not worry, most types of food have a long storage life so that inventory can be adjusted to consumer demand.

To start, you can be a retailer of some frozen food brands or when your business has grown, partnership services can be chosen to increase your product stock.

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3. Thrift Store

Fashion trends among teenagers can be utilized as an idea for an online or offline home business.

Second-hand stores, often referred to as thrift stores, usually sell various types of clothes, pants, accessories, and household equipment that have been used but are still in good condition.

To start, you need to decide your business focus, whether you want to sell clothing, shoes, or other equipment. Then, find suppliers who sell bundles or balls for your store’s stocking needs.

After that, make sure your business plan is in line with your plan. To maximize your marketing, it is best to name your store with keywords such as “ABC Second-Hand Store” and market through social media or online markets.

4. Game Top Up Service

Even though this online home business idea may seem unpromising, it can actually provide passive income.

This is because the increasing number of esports activities leads to a high demand for online game voucher top-up services. Therefore, don’t miss this opportunity.

In addition, people’s daily needs for transportation and online shopping can also be developed into a business.

Especially now, reloading digital wallet balance will give you various benefits and you only need to have mobile banking with a certain withdrawal limit.

5. Online Tutoring For Students

One type of home-based online business that students can do is hiring themselves out as online tutors. This job can be considered as a freelance job because the income depends on the number of customers.

Most schoolchildren need this service to clarify the subjects taught in school, especially since online learning has started.

To become a tutor, you do not need to have a particular degree, but you should have expertise and experience in the relevant field.

However, it is important to note that if you provide exam preparation services, it is better to have a certification to validate your skills.

Make sure you have a stable internet connection when teaching and try to provide the best service possible so that the explanations can be fully understood.

6. Selling Snacks on Online Marketplaces

Starting a home-based business online might be a popular trend now. Since everything has gone online, there are many things being sold in the market, and snacks are one of them.

Especially since the COVID-19 pandemic, many people prefer to stay at home and shop online.

People who work, study or learn from home often need snacks to reduce stress in the room, but refuse to leave home due to anxiety.

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Take advantage of this situation by trying to sell food online on marketplaces like Shopee or Tokopedia. You can sell local snacks from your area, or various types of snacks by the kilo.

For this snack business, especially products like “chips” or “crackers”, consider the packaging and shipping time if you want to sell them in the market.

7. Selling Mobile Phone Accessories

With various types and brands of phones being released several times a year and the wide range of prices that allow everyone to have a phone, the sale of accessories will definitely be a market for both online and offline.

Here is a small capital home-based business idea! Popular accessories currently include cases, charging cables, headphones or earphones, lanyards/neck straps, and many more.

You can also start as a dropshipping business, because now there are many suppliers of these products in the market! So what are you waiting for?

8. Digital Advertising

Digital advertising is now used by various groups, businesses and individuals. So it needs the role of an expert in this field.

This online home business idea can be used to start a home business by becoming a freelance advertising specialist.

This job is very suitable if you already have marketing experience. If not, there are many sources of learning, such as Google Digital Garage.

As an advertising specialist, your task is to help clients achieve their advertising goals on various platforms, such as Google, Facebook, or Pinterest.

You need to make strategies based on your business and products so that your ads can reach your audience accurately.

Therefore, you need to provide more than just PPC offering skills. You need to understand project management, data analysis, KPI systems, etc.

9. Influencer

Celebrities earn income through paid online promotions and support services. Both of these services are only defined as a way to market products through promotional programs that have many followers.

Celebrities with good engagement will also have a high level card. So don’t be surprised if there are celebs who charge millions of rupiah for each of their posts.

10. Make Podcast

Making a podcast is also a promising home business. In short, a podcast is an audio recording about a specific topic that can be listened to by anyone.

This podcast business is very suitable for you who target the youth market to adults. Because, podcast audiences are dominated by teenagers aged 15 and above even in their 40s.


the first step to bringing your online home business idea to life is to start it up. This step may sound easy but it brings many benefits for many entrepreneurs.

Choose the business you want to develop, prepare the capital, and grow it. Hopefully, if your intentions are good and you work hard, all your efforts will bear fruit.

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