Starting an online business without any money! Examples and tips for success (2023)

Times have changed and technology has online business without any money become a big part of everyday life. So, looking at online business opportunities to open a business is always the best choice.

Actually, there are many online businesses that can be done without capital. But you have to think about what will be your choice.

In this article, we will try to summarize it for you, from popular online businesses to the latest ones. Then still in line with the skills and interests you have.

Come, learn more about online business by reading some online business examples until the end!

Opportunities for profitable online businesses without capital in 2023

Here are some online business opportunities we will discuss this time:

  • Doing Dropshipping
  • Joining Affiliation
  • Being a Translator
  • Being an Online Freelance Writer
  • Opening an Online Store
  • Being a Blogger

1. Doing Dropshipping

This is the first online business example that you should try. Dropshipping is a form of online business without capital where you sell other people’s products.

The income from the dropship business comes from different prices, ranging from buyers to those paid to suppliers.

Unlike others, you don’t have to store goods before reselling them. So, you don’t need to make your own warehouse.

You just have to work with suppliers and then market their products. It can be done through the web and other social media.

Now, when the buyer wants the item, you receive money from the buyer. Then, you pay the supplier according to the price of the online business without any money item and ask the supplier to send the item directly to the buyer.

Currently, there are more and more platforms that offer dropshipping cooperation. Examples are Sahabat Dropshipper, Yuk Dropship, and others.

The choice of product type is also varied. Can start from fashion, cosmetics and also handmade products.

2. Joining With Affiliates

Similar to dropshipping, affiliate is an online business without capital by selling other people’s products.

The difference is that your income through this business opportunity comes from the commission of selling goods. The percentage of commission you agree with the seller, can be 20% or 50%.

3. Being a Translator

You can also do this business without capital, you only need your expertise. Nowadays many companies need translation services, because of their clients’ needs. If you are a graduate of literature, you can use this expertise.

Feeling unsure of your abilities? Try offering your expertise to friends and make a good portfolio. After you’re confident, you can offer your services to companies that need them.

4. Being an Online Freelance Writer

Your writing skills can turn into a lucrative online business opportunity. Nowadays, many business people understand the importance of marketing with content marketing. One of them is through a blog.

But, not many people have the skill to write interesting articles, so the online content writing business is quite promising.

To find potential clients, you can do it in several ways. First, join the freelancer platform and find jobs in your field of expertise.

Some platforms that can be used are Sribulancer and Second, create a blog or portfolio website that showcases your expertise.

Make a special contact page to make it easy for potential clients to contact you. Then, promote your expertise through various social media platforms to support your business.

5. Opening an Online Store

Opening an online store with delivery services is a promising online online business without any money opportunity. Especially with the consumer market in big cities, one example of an online store that can be done is an online vegetable store.

Creating a website for an online store is not difficult. You just need to start by buying hosting and the domain, and also choose the platform for your online store website.

Next, you can start creating various products to be sold in an attractive showcase. Don’t forget to use business strategies that attract buyers.

For example, for an online vegetable store, you can sell vegetables in the form of cooking packages, not selling them individually.

You can promote your online store through social media. You can also create a blog that is linked to your online store.

The goal is to attract more buyers. This online business opportunity requires a small investment but promises a profitable result.

6. Becoming a Blogger

If you have a blog, you must write content that is not only interesting but also useful. You can earn money from ads. For example, by joining the Google Adsense platform.

In addition, it is also not uncommon for businesses to pay you to write sponsored posts. And there are many other ways such as affiliate or selling your own digital products.

The interesting thing is that you can start this business without capital. From the examples above, are you interested in one of them?

Tips for Doing Business Online Without Capital

Here are some tips for successfully running an online business without any capital:

1. Make The Most Of Social Media

No matter how you start your online business without capital, don’t forget to use social media to expand it. Social media can be a great platform for promotion because it’s easy to interact with customers and potential buyers there. Use appropriate and high-quality content to achieve your business marketing goals.

2. Create Relevant and Trend-Related Content

Still related to the above points, be creative in creating social media content. Make sure the content is relevant to your business and in line with current trends.

This will get positive responses from social media users. Also, adjust the content to target customers that your business is aiming for.

3. Use High-Quality Product Photos

Even though you want to sell online without capital, don’t be careless when taking photos of your products.

Consumers will form their first impression based on the product display. So, it’s important to create original and high-quality photos.

Use a good quality camera so that the photos you take and upload are also good.

4. Offer Attractive Promotions

Don’t hesitate to offer promotional deals for students for your online business without capital. Promotions can be an attractive draw for consumers, increasing the chances of them buying.

Make accurate calculations and continue these promotions regularly to increase sales and ensure that your business is profitable.

5. Build and Expand Connections

Connections will always be the most important investment in any business, including online businesses.

Build and maintain good connections so that various online business without any money needs and issues can run smoothly.

This kind of connection can help your marketing activities or promote your business with a low budget or even for free.


Even when doing business without capital, discipline and consistency are essential in online business.

Choose the right business idea and set it up correctly from the beginning. Don’t forget to keep innovating, your business will grow rapidly and be successful.

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