5+ Millennial Generation Business Opportunities That You Can Run

Millennial Generation Business are one of the needs that we need to do. Do you want to. Because after the COVID-19 pandemic, many young people were laid off.

Millennials are the generation born between the 1980s and early 2000s. The generation known as Generation Y or Gen Y is exactly the kind of thing that is all effective and instant. They also have a free personality, are innovative, and like to express themselves.

Therefore, it is possible that young people’s businesses must be in harmony with the millennial situation that is instant, effective, and intertwined with one of the technological devices.

Not only are the products effective, the possibility of a prospective business for millennials, must give them instant profits, aka a quick return on investment.

So before you start a business. You need to do one of the analyzes to identify the needs of the market and come up with many ideas. So it’s better for you to read some of these prospective business possibilities.

Millennial Generation Business Opportunity

Here are the possible businesses of young people that can be lucrative in today’s digital era.

1. Antique Culinary Business

The first Millennial Generation Business generation is to try to open a culinary business with an antique concept. The culinary world has a good chance of profit. By combining an antique menu, it can be popular, the increase in the food and beverage business can be done quickly. However, because it takes a lot of fresh ideas for the menu treats.

You can follow the business ideas that have appeared before, such as green tea beverage products, thai tea, taichan satay, pudding drinks and wrap them in different ways. Don’t be afraid to experiment and work. In addition to ride-hailing contributions such as Gojek and Grab, you can easily sell your food without having a physical shop.

2. Open A Coffee Shop Or Cafe

Furthermore, the business opportunity for the millennial generation is by opening a cafe at a coffee shop. The cafe business is already thriving in several big cities, such as Jakarta, Bandung, the other S, and Surabaya. The cafe business is one of the alternatives for millennials to start a business because the potential is the most promising. Plus add services such as free wifi, snacks, and delicious drinks, so your cafe will become a hangout place for young people.

To make consumers happier, you need to plan an attractive and antique interior and exterior shape. Your cafe is designed to be Instagrammable, so visitors will like the atmosphere so that many young people will visit your cafe. There is also if you really want to have a very large population, then create an event such as music or dialogue, then your cafe will be more in demand.

3. Online Buying And Selling And Social Networking

This type of online shop is still viral until now. With the presence of social media (social media) and marketplaces like Bukalapak and Tokopedia, you don’t have to build a formal store and have potential consumers from all over the world. You can reach a wide market if you can use digital sales properly. You don’t have to open an offline or formal store, you need even less capital.

What is E-Commerce

In addition to making sales, you can also use social media for affiliate promotion or sales efforts. This business makes a profit from the commission of the owner of the product. For example, a product you market through social media, and you get a return on that marketing. This business is perfect for celebrities, bloggers, and vloggers.

4. Photography Services And Social Media

Photography services and social media treatment are actually two different domains. However, in recent times photography and social media have become one in line with technological advances and human interest to exist. With more and more people wanting to be around and narcissistically on social networks, the role of photography is becoming more and more important.

Usually the Millennial Generation Business are one of the needs that we need to do. Do you want to. Because after the COVID-19 pandemic, many young people were laid off. is fond of photography in line with Instagram’s popularity since 2011. Therefore, there are business skills that you can carry out, such as giving him a photography course or establishing an instagramable sightseeing spot.

You can combine photography services with social media management. Photography is needed to create attractive content. Social media is the greatest and cheapest way to promote business and promote.

You can start this service from the closest area, for example overcoming a social media brand in an effort to make friends.

5. Stock Trading

The business opportunity for the millennial generation is a business that has a strong connection with technology, including stock trading. The things needed are internet connection, cellphone, and good research capabilities. Stock trading is quite promising although the effect is quite large.

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6. Website Development And Blogger

However, if you have the capability to create a website from 0 to completion including managing Millennial Generation Business are one of the needs that we need to do. Do you want to. Because after the COVID-19 pandemic, many young people were laid off. it, you can start this business. You can also improve your site according to SEO so that it can increase the number of visitors to the site. If it has grown to a good number of pageviews, so you can place ads or adsense on that site.

Website development services or lively website enhancements are in line with the increasing number of companies that need branding via the internet. Nach, you can also combine site improvement with the world of bloggers.

With attractive content, your site can also be a source of money and promote your capabilities on the internet. Pick up a theme that is loved by the locals as well as your interest.


Youth is used for something that is useful. Because after all young people, it is our time to explore and try.

So that there are several business opportunities for this millennial generation that you can try and work on. Thanks for visiting the portalviral website.

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