Completely Peel Digital Marketing, Benefits And Its Applications In Business

Completely Peel Digital Marketing the era where the internet has been very influential on all aspects of modern human life. Including in the field of business and marketing.

In the past, promotions were commonly found by distributing pamphlets or brochures in crowds, placing advertising posters on poles or trees, and renting billboards or banners so that the public could see the advertisements.

But now, advertisements no longer need to be in physical form. Only in the palm of the hand on a smartphone, everyone can advertise. This is digital marketing.

In this technological era, there are many conveniences that will be obtained by business people to promote their business.

Digital marketing is a strategy that must be learned if you want to be successful in business and promote via the internet. So in this article, we will thoroughly discuss digital marketing and what to do.

Definition Of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a strategy or effort to Completely Peel Digital Marketing products or services through digital media technology. By utilizing digital media technology, it is expected to be able to increase the reach of a larger target consumer than using conventional marketing methods.

Based on research, the number of internet users in the world has touched 5.22 billion, or about 66.6% of the world’s total population.

In Indonesia alone, the number of internet users has reahed 212.35 million and is the third highest number of internet users in Asia. So it can be concluded that more people are connected to the digital world. Of course, this golden opportunity should not be wasted in order to reach a wider target market.

So digital marketing or digital marketing is a combination of market knowledge about business with current internet technology.

The Benefits Of Mastering Digital Marketing

Then, why should we study and even master Completely Peel Digital Marketing? Is there a guarantee that the business will succeed when implementing digital marketing in our business marketing activities?

To answer the questions above, here are some of the benefits when studying digital marketing and applying it in business.

  1. Flexible and can apply to all business lines that want to go online. There are various media for digital marketing, both free for beginners to paid ones.
  2. Promotions can reach your target market personally. Ads about your business will specifically only be shown to target consumers so that the chances of conversion are greater.
  3. It is easy to measure the success rate of marketing strategies. There are various digital marketing tools that provide metrics for ad performance. So that it can be studied and understood what are the advantages and disadvantages of digital marketing strategies that have been carried out accurately.

The benefits above cannot be obtained when using conventional marketing strategies such as pasting brochures or advertisements in print media.

Advantages Of Digital Marketing Over Conventional Marketing

The following is an overview of the differences between digital marketing and conventional marketing. What are the benefits?

1. Easy To Connect With Potential Customers

With digital media, it’s easier to connect to potential customers around the world without being limited by time and place. While conventional marketing is limited to certain places, for example, sticking an advertising pamphlet on the side of the road will only be seen by a few people who pass through the road.

Renting ad slots in online media will be read by all visitors to the website even if the reader is abroad.

The trend now makes people always do research on the internet before buying a product or service. They are looking for reviews and information on products or services and it is easier than doing it traditionally.

Difference Between Soft Selling And Hard Selling

2. More Efficient Promotional Costs

Requires a more efficient promotion cost. There are many digital advertising platforms that give businesses the freedom to advertise according to their budget. Even with only 50 thousand, you can already advertise on IG Ads. Of course, this is different from conventional promotions, where there are costs for making advertisements to printing costs, all of which depend on the external.

The existence of automated tools that save time and costs. For example, to advertise on IG Ads, you can set what time the ad will be shown, how wide the reach of the ad is, and many more that can be set automatically. In contrast to manual marketing, such as distributing brochures, which requires human resources to stand by, distributing brochures to all passers-by, so that it takes more time, energy, and costs.

3. 2-Way Communication Becoming More Effective

Can establish effective two-way communication. Currently, customers prefer brands that are able to communicate directly with customers personally.

No wonder there are many social media specifically for business that employ admins not only in charge of uploading catalogs. But also chat with customers through the DM, stories, replies, and much more features. Of course, this cannot be done in conventional marketing which is one-way.

6 Steps To Apply Digital Marketing For Business

There are many benefits and advantages of completely peel digital marketing. However, if you are in a hurry to succeed quickly while still not mastering step by step in digital marketing, it can end up being rewarded due to the wrong strategy.

The following are 6 steps to apply digital marketing in business.

1. Determining Buyer Persona

The foundation in digital marketing is a buyer persona or profile representing the target market. When you are able to determine the right buyer persona, it will be easier to formulate a marketing strategy that will work.

Deciding on a buyer persona of course requires in-depth research. Such as how old they are, what is their income range, are they still in school or already working, single or married. Until specific information such as hobbies, music preferences, and so on.

2. Identify Buyer Persona Needs

Before offering a product or service to the target market, make sure that the service or product answers or provides a solution to their problem. How to? With proper market research, of course.

3. Prepare Marketing Plan

After knowing the buyer personas and their needs, it’s time to develop a marketing plan to achieve business goals over a certain period. With the marketing plan, all promotional strategies will be efficient and more targeted.

4. Utilizing All Media Digital Marketing

One of the advantages of doing digital marketing is that there are so many available media. Both free ones such as creating content on social media, to paid ones such as Google Ads or building websites.

5. Applying Copywriting Strategy

The main key to the success of digital marketing is copywriting. All aspects of marketing such as content on the website, CTA, social media captions to scripts in videos also need copywriting.

Copywriting itself is a technique of stringing words to persuade readers to do what we want. So make sure to create a copywriting strategy that can convey the business message well.

6. Understand And Evaluate Digital Marketing Metrics

After carrying out the marketing plan, of course, you need an evaluation to find out which strategies are suitable and have an impact on the business and strategies that are not suitable and do not need to be continued.

Evaluate analytical data such as traffic, impressions, conversion rates, and other metrics. This data is very valuable for business development and for developing the next marketing plan.

So, that’s a complete discussion about Completely Peel Digital Marketing. Starting from understanding, benefits, comparisons with conventional marketing methods, to the steps in implementing digital marketing into the business. Congratulations on upgrading your broader business with digital marketing!

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