8+ Businesses That Make Money Daily

Businesses That Make Money Daily – Have capital but are still confused about which business to start? This review is about business opportunity ideas that make money every day.

In this increasingly advanced you definitely have to look for opportunities to start a business. That earns money every day.

In addition, when all the developments that humans have achieved so far, the business opportunities are wide open to anyone.

In this article, we will review one by one about the strengths of businesses that are selling every day. You can choose from a number of businesses that are never lonely and get optimal profits.

What Are The Businesses That Make Money Per Day?

To answer the questions above, there are 10 points that can be recommended by friends if you want to make money per day. The following are the points that the viral portal has summarized from various existing sources :

1. Part Time Work

The first business that generates money per day is by working as part time. Part-time work is generally carried out by students or those who have not had the opportunity to have full-time work. However, it doesn’t matter because you can still get money starting from Rp. 100,000 to Rp. 200,000 every day.

For example, being a barista, shopkeeper, waiter in a restaurant, or you can be marketing for a business.

You can also do part-time or part-time work at 2 companies at once. However, don’t forget to manage your time so you can complete the task.

Part time work can broaden your network. There is always value experience for each of your tasks.

2. Become Content Writer

The second business that makes money per day is being a content writer or commonly known as a content writer. Being a content writer is a way to get 200 thousand dollars every day that you can do for those of you who like to write.

You can write articles or Businesses That Make Money Daily – Have capital but are still confused about which business to start? This review is about business opportunity ideas that make money every day. captions on social media. The payment process used can be daily, / weekly, or monthly depending on approval with the client.

This step of making money requires the power of good wording, knowledge of PUEBI, and knowledge of the topics that are asked to be noted.

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3. Business Online

In order to make a big profit, you can start an online business. Now digital business is a business that is relied on by several people.

Its wide reach makes digital business ideas worth trying. You can sell anything in an online business, such as selling food, selling clothes, selling skincare, selling multivitamins, and so on.

For those who are looking for a business that makes money per day, you can target how many products are sold per day. You will immediately get the benefits.

4. Street Business

Street business is one business that makes money per day that is worth trying. So street vendors have flexible hours and offer large daily incomes.

The average daily income strength is Rp. 200,000 to Rp. 500 thousand. There is even information that the income of street vendors can exceed the minimum salary of one regency or city.

The trades that you can market should be those that are not far from everyday life. For example, selling modern drinks of various types at a price of Rp. 20 thousand per glass.

To find the right location, you need to do a survey and take care of granting permits to build small-scale businesses in that location.

5. Selling Credits

Selling credit is one of the businesses that make money per day that is right for you. This business is suitable to be a side business or driven by students who want to learn business.

For the business of selling credit, you need to work together with Businesses That Make Money Daily – Have capital but are still confused about which business to start? This review is about business opportunity ideas that make money every day. a large agent who provides credit at a lower price. Then, you can sell pulses at market prices.

Selling credit is still a lucrative business because the needs of cellphone users on credit continue to exist.

6. Laundry Business

Laundry service business also includes businesses that make money per day. You need a strategic location to open this lucrative business, such as in schools, offices, and residential areas. You can select one of them.

Laundry business is needed by those who do not have time to clean their own clothes due to daily activities.

This effort depends on the number of people who use your services. In one day, you can make a lot of profit.

However, you must first provide quality cleaning services. You need to maintain the quality of the clothes that are entrusted and make sure the clothes are not replaced with someone’s clothes.

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7. Sewing Business

For those of you who are good at sewing clothes, there’s nothing wrong with opening a sewing business as a business that generates money per day.

1x receive order sewing clothes, you can set the price several hundred thousand. Or you can also open a service that reduces or enlarges clothes, according to the wishes of loyal consumers.

This business is still sought after by residents who need their clothes to be repaired by experts to make them fit.

8. Guide Online Tutorial

Those of you who have skills in certain areas or types of subjects, can open online teaching services.

One of them is a business that makes money per day can actually be implemented remotely. You can adjust the cost per hour. Depends on the agreement with the client.

Nowadays online educators are not only needed by school children, those who already have assignments are also still looking for time to study to increase their strength in the workplace.

9. Gymnastics Trainer

Indonesian citizens know the importance of exercise for health. Many of them choose gymnastics because it is easy to carry out.

Not only parents, pregnant women, and those who are still relatively young can also take part in exercise. They, of course, need a coach who teaches gymnastic movements. You become that trainer.

You can do a business that makes money per day in a health center, a sports community, and other locations not far from sports activities.

Besides bringing benefits, this type of work can be healthy for your body.

10. Vehicle Rental Business

One more business that makes money per day is attractive to do. This step can be Businesses That Make Money Daily – Have capital but are still confused about which business to start? This review is about business opportunity ideas that make money every day. carried out by those of you who have an individual vehicle.

With a minimum rental of Rp. 200 thousand per day, you can earn enough income for the / month. This business is possible to do from home.

To secure a chartered vehicle, you need to install a special tool that makes it easier to track the vehicle’s location.


A business that earns you money per day is a good profit for you as long as it is done diligently. Some of them can also be started without any capital. The options are yours, so choose the same as per skill.

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