3+ E-Commerce Marketing Strategies You Must Know

E-Commerce Marketing Strategies You Need To Know – Because it is growing rapidly with a technology to date. So that we as humans have been spoiled all over.

Because with the rapid development of technology, it is enough for us to shop only from home.

In increasing one’s business, an accurate marketing strategy is needed. The direction of the marketing strategy is so that the business always makes a profit without having to suffer a lot of loss.

With a strategy that is right on target, it will be easier for you to compete with other entrepreneurs. Because every business person has a different strategy. For example, selling TV in shoppe so that the TV sells must have the most efficient and appropriate strategy.

One of the most commonly used strategies in marketing is E-commerce. Because technology is developing so rapidly, many people have competed in selling using E-commerce or simply online markets.

In this article Smart Opportunity will provide what is the Most Efficient E Commerce Marketing Strategy Factor for Online Business. Here for example.

What Is E-Commerce?

E-commerce is a place for buying and selling goods that can be reached via electronic media using the Internet. The advantage of e-commerce itself is that it is simpler, easier, and for business transactions one item is also very easy.

For E-commerce in Indonesia, there are already several such as Shoppe, Tokopedia, BukaLapak, Lazada, and others. And this is E-commerce which has been popular in the Indonesian online market, for those of you who are lazy to shop off-line, you can do it online.

What Is E-Commerce Marketing Strategy?

E-commerce marketing is a promotional strategy to increase traffic on an online shop and get a lot of orders and experience increased profits. Suppose you have an item that has not been sold, the thing in your mind of course thinking how to sell it fast? definitely have to choose a marketing strategy that is right and efficient for later.

How to be efficient e-commerce? The best thing is that you want to promote on Google or Facebook, other social media have advertising strategies. Then don’t be lazy to research the current market prices every day. And this is the most efficient way of e-commerce.

An Efficient Step to Promote Your eCommerce Business? It can be done by applying a local SEO strategy to the product and after the customer has purchased the item, should ask them to give positive feedback.

Why is that because when someone wants to buy an item, the first thing they see is the comments from the person who bought it at first whether it was positive or negative.

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Examples Of Most Efficient E Commerce Marketing Strategies

In running an e-commerce business, there are many strategies that can be done to carry out marketing. Related to that, the marketing mechanism is the same as with Online Business marketing in general.

Here are some marketing strategies for e-commerce businesses that are efficient enough to carry it around.

1. Using SEO Strategy

The first brand you must master is SEO strategy. By applying this strategy, your goods will get more marketing orders.

The most important thing in this kind of strategy is to make sure your business name, contact number that you can contact, and your address as a shop. Because some people make sure in advance what data a store is most trusted or fraudulent.

2. E-commerce Marketing Strategies using Social Media

For now, young people prefer to play social media such as Instgram, Tiktok, Video Snacks, and Facebook. You have to use this kind of social media to do marketing of goods, either through advertising or asking someone popular to promote your product.

In addition, the scope of social media is really very broad. Certainly local SEO strategies can be applied better in social media.

3. Promote Products

Have applied SEO and social media strategies but can’t get much traffic. One of the best strategy is to promote.

Here you can promote on Google ADS this target for google traffic. If you want Facebook, then specify Fb Ads, and other social media.

4. Positive Discussion on Goods

After the customer has made a purchase of your item, they should immediately ask to share your product description. Starting from the duration of transportation, the physical form of the goods, and most importantly the response of the seller.

The discussion of this product really plays an important role in adding new customer trust to your e-commerce business. And can increase your business branch well.

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The Benefits Of E-Commerce In The World Of Business

In addition, we will discuss about E-Commerce Marketing Strategy. You need to know first what the benefits of e-commerce are. The benefits of using E-Commerce in a company as a mechanism for business transactions are:

1. Can Increase The Market Exposure (market share)

The first benefit of e-commerce in an e-commerce marketing strategy is to increase the market. Online business transactions that make everyone around the world able to order and buy products that are marketed simply by means of computers and are not limited by distance and time.

2. Reduce Operational Costs (operating costs)

E-commerce business transactions are business transactions in which the majority of operations are programmed on a computer so that some costs such as showrooms, excessive wages, and so on do not need to occur

3. Expanding Global Reach

Online business transactions that can be accessed by everyone in the world are not limited by place and time because everyone can access them simply by using a computer mediator media.

4. Improve Customer Loyalty

This is because the mechanism for E-Commerce business transactions provides complete information and that information can be reached at any time. In addition, in terms of purchasing, it can be carried out at any time, even the customer can choose the product he or she expects.

5. Improve Management Supplies

E-Commerce business transactions result in the efficiency of operational costs in the company, especially in the number of employees and the amount of stock of goods available so that in order to further improve cost efficiency, therefore a good supply management mechanism must be improved.

6. Shorten The Production Time

In a company that is divided into various sections or a distributor where in ordering raw materials or products to be marketed if there is a shortage of goods, they can order at any time because they are online and are getting faster and more organized because everything is directly programmed into the computer.


If you are looking to increase your e-commerce business, it is important for you to do research and marketing using an accurate strategy.

This will later be related to your business changes later. In addition, with the E Commerce Marketing Strategy, what you need to know if you are to be at the forefront of the business.

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